Dino Wall Sticker Multicolor PVC Decoration for Kids Room
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  • If you are pasting on the surface of glass or ceramic tiles because the material is relatively smooth, it is better to wipe the veneer dry with a clean cloth before pasting, it is easier to paste, and the smoothing effect is better.
  • For some larger pattern stickers, some bubbles may appear after flattening. At this time, you can use a scratch card to remove the bubbles or use a needle to pierce and smooth the small bubbles, which will not affect the overall paste effect.
  • If the pasted wall is damp, aging, or newly painted, it may cause the wall sticker to fall off automatically after pasting, or it may cause the wall to peel off.
  • You can use a hair dryer to dry the wall or wait for the paint to evaporate for a period of time.
  • Post it later, but the effect may be different, so please choose the post location carefully
  • If you accidentally paste the wall sticker in the wrong position, you can gently lift off the corner of the wall sticker with a small blade, and then paste it again.
  • This product can be used repeatedly under normal conditions, as long as it is not torn.
  • The layout size of products is tight. You can display unlimited creativity and freely arrange shapes and positions.
  • You can use scissors to cut the patterns separately.
  • When cutting, be careful not to cut the patterns, and then you can design roughly. Typesetting, and then personally creating a uniquely creative space.
  • SIZE -Length – 90 cm | Height – 30 cm

Package Contains:-

  • 1 x Dinosaur Wall Sticker