Seller Portal - Terms and Conditions

The Seller Terms & Conditions and all policies and other terms (if required) are mentioned in website, which can be accessed by our sellers or concerned to take advantage of our market place. We as a Marketplace are providing complete access to a wall that provides unlimited opportunities to our sellers. By applying and registering on our website the sellers are bound to abide by the terms and conditions of the website and its procedures. From time to time, the conditions may be amended or modified after prior notification through email to all our sellers. Reference in these Terms and Conditions of Sellers as “Second Company” are referred to “You” as Legal Entity.


We are now providing services to all small or big businessmen or vendors and resellers to enable your products for all the customers visiting our website. Depending on the business model, our e-commerce marketplace platform is entirely based on bringing customers into one place by facilitating our sellers through one window services that includes:

1.    Communication with Customers.
2.    Obtaining the Payments.
3.    Organizing Delivery.
4.    Shipment of Product.
5.    Cash Collection / Payment Processing.
6.    Call Center Support.

There are much more services that are flexible based on B2B and B2C Services. We also reserve the right to determine the content, appearance, design, function and all other aspects of the website and services. That also include, the right to re-design the website. Further, the administrative aspects of website based on protecting the privacy of other brands, abiding the selling laws mentioned by the ministry, following our own terms & conditions of selling and reselling gives the right to add, pause, suspend, reject or remove the product from our listing after prior notification after the inspection and justified reason.

⬛  Seller Portal Module:

The Seller Portal available for our Sellers is more comprehensive and which comprises for all product types which are officially allowed to be sold on our platform. Each product should be defined properly, along-with complete details of the product, its dimensions and procedure of use. To maintain a better equilibrium between all sellers, we enhance our services for the sellers which are good in maintaining quality of product and other DOs & DONTs.

The portal also includes to maintain:

1.    Maintaining Products.
2.    Easy Price Maintenance.
3.    Sales & Payment Statistics.

In Particular, read all the legal documents carefully and take note of the account eligibility and information that is required to open a seller account with us. Also, sellers should also be aware about the responsibility when using the platform, including the eligibility of products.

⬛  Product Necessities:

1.    Keeping in view the packaging requirements and instructions to deliver products safely and according to the standard set by the shipping services.
2.    Package instructions are strictly followed to maintain the product safety and to minimize the risk of damage of the product.
3.    Documentation and permits are necessary to deliver the product without any objection.
4.    During the Quality Check Stage, if the product is rejected or returned by the customer, the seller needs to arrange a pickup for their products by themselves on the same day when notified.
5.    Products which are offered under warranty should contain the documents in it when supplied or delivered to customer. The warranties are applicable in cases where there are defects in Products, Material, Design or product found damaged.
6.    The seller hold the responsibility for after sales service, guarantee, maintenance or any defect.
7.    Products which violates any third party’s intellectual property rights or any other claim will be removed after a prior notification or rejected at the time of checking.

⬛  Tax & Refunds:

1.    Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration Certificate should be submitted or any addition information that is requested by us through email or other notification.
2.    Any product that is delivered presently and purchased before January, 2018 will be calculated under VAT as per the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) rules. Also, if the Tax is collection then it must be submitted and the procedure should be complied.

⬛  Returns, Refund or Exchange:

□ We ensure a good experience for our customers on our website. We are agreed to offer certain services to our customers i.e. delivery, returns, replacements, exchange and warranty claims of products under our terms and conditions for returns and refunds.

□ We ensure to provide all necessary assistance to our customers as well as to our sellers, and the policies includes:

-    Returns from Customers (Eligible Products)
-    Replace or Exchange the Product (As Per Policy)
-    All communication with Customers and to provide complete assistance as well.

□ Criteria Eligible Products (For Returns & Refund):

1. Making sure that the products are not damaged, products which are not as described, not as shown in picture, not as the size mentioned or change in design.

2. Warranty claims will be dealt according to the third party company policy or the manufacturer’s company policies.

3. Claim of any product can be made within a period of 7 Days.

4. Products which are out of stock, sold out, human errors, error from any server or any mistake by the customer, can be considered for a return or refund upon request.

5. No circumstances will give any right to the seller to change, amend or modify price, information or Design without prior approval after the request is submitted and may take up to 24 working hours for implementation.

6. Due to any dispute or complain by the buyer, the seller will not be able to receive the returned product or refunded amount until the customer is satisfied or the dispute is resolved by the customer happiness center.

7. The seller is only allowed up to (10) days to raise a complaint against the buyer (customer) or any vendor to address any issue related, unrelated or in indirect way.

□ Failure of Fulfillment:

1. The seller accepts the policy to fulfill the requirement as per the website showcase, mentioned quantity or in case of any damage is observed. In case of failure in compliance, the seller will be charged with 100% of product amount as fine for not making up the commitment made as per the quantity provided in stock list or in warehouse.

2. In case the product is out of stock and not available in the warehouse or mistake in quantity enrollment, the seller will be charged with a strike for not making up the product available when it is required.

□ Wrong Prices:

1. The seller is requested to submit the final price upon submission of form while publishing the product and is not allowed to change or amend the price without a valid reason or notification.

2. Frequent changes in Price are not allowed without a valid reason.

3. The market place reserves the right to approve or reject any price change or amendment in information is mismatched upon physical quality check or inspection.

By applying on the portal and reading the seller terms & conditions, you agree to:

□ Due to operational structure or convenience to provide smooth services to our customers we can ask for complete or in tranches or in general buy, transfer or reject the products when required.

□ We also reserves the right to reject the product when:

1. Found damaged

2. Not as described     

3. Change in design

4. Not as per the standard package

5. Does not comply with the terms and conditions for sellers.

□ In circumstances when the products are stocked at our premises when returned due to exchange, refund or damage, we are fully authorized to dispose of the product if the products are not picked up on the given time i.e. 15 Days that starts from the day when notified through SMS or Email of rejection of your product.

□ In case of refund of product, will refund the full amount to customer and reserves the right to deduct the amount from Sellers next due amount finalized at the end of every month by mentioning through prior email notification or SMS.

□ The VAT invoices are always required to be submitted through email, we are also bound to send the electronic receipt of every VAT we receive from your end.

□ Delivery List of product will be provided on every restock in warehouse, along with proper pricing that cannot be changed or modified. The list should contain the SKU, Product Title, Product Category, Product Origin, Product Material, Product Safety Instructions, Cost Price, VAT Information along with the Final Quantity brought at the time of delivery.

□ All the receiving slip of Products that are brought to warehouse by the seller will be sent through email in electronic format.

⬛  Fees and Payments:

Once affiliated, the sellers are required to submit their listings for approval by making sure that it includes complete information related to the products which submitted for approval. Third party services, which includes delivery, storage or stock premises will be charged according to the policies mentioned. Our service charge will include

1. Product Listings

2. Percentage in Every Sale Transaction

3. Delivery Charge as per the route

4. Warehousing and Logistics

5. Processing Fee or any additional charges

6. Any tax or charge in providing services directly or indirectly

7. Any charge occurred due to return or refund policy

8. Any other charge that is notified in advance.

⬛  Sale Report & Processing of Funds:

Sale Reports can be checked easily through online portal and can be verified manually through Seller Portal by the sellers themselves.

□ The report will contain each product along with the sale price and charges that are taken in lieu of.

□ Proceeding of every sale will be paid by bank on the provided account every month or as per committed.

□ The amount can only be deposited in Bank Account provided by the seller. We will not be liable for any wrong bank account information provided by the seller by any mistake or other.

□ By authorizing the payments to you, If required, the seller will be required to open an account with our third party processors, that includes the terms and conditions acceptance as well as the information required by them to activate the same.

⬛  Discounts & Promotions:

It is mutually agreed that we can offer discounts or promotions against your products by observing low sales performance after prior notification, the adjustment will be made through our commission (if required).

⬛  Fixed Charges & Taxation:

Sellers hereby agree that we are solemnly authorized to list the product at higher prices that includes the handling, delivery and referral charges. The fixed charges which are applicable are 5% VAT (Value Added Tax) as per the directions of Federal Tax Authority. The Tax which is recoverable by a taxable person or company for the tax period which is paid for goods and services which are used or intended to be used for:

-    Taxable Supplies
-    The products which are imported outside the state which are taxable supplies.
-    Products specified as made in any other state or country.

By providing your VAT registration detail, we will directly issue the invoice to the customer on your behalf and remit the full amount to you which we had received from the customer on behalf of VAT.
In case of failure in submission of VAT Registration Details, we will purchase the products from you and resell them to the customer by ourselves as mentioned on the above clauses. (i) You also agree that we will automatically deduct 5% VAT from the amount which will be refunded to you.

⬛  Recovery Of Charges Occurred Due To Damage:

Any amount owing to you that needs recovery, which occurred due to loss or damage made by the product provided by you or refunded to the customer on your behalf will be deducted accordingly. The deduction can also be made due to

1. Copyright issues

2. Intellectual Property Rights

3. Any Fraudulent Conduct.

Suspension of the seller’s account or use of our services due to the above mentioned reason, the seller’s account will be moved to review for inspection and approval to determine the cause and prevent the same behavior in future. We may seek reimbursements in case of negative costing in our calculations after complete inspection.

Regulations in this regard also includes:

1. Deduction of amount from future payments owed to you.

2. Credits reversed to your account.

3. Credit invoicing through email                           

4. Reimbursement of the same amount by any other replacement.

Any damaged occurred due to or linked with your supplies that resulted in loss of any form will be communicated and charged accordingly.

⬛  Intellectual Property Rights & Other Claims:

Sellers hereby allows us a royalty free, transferable and non-exclusive license to use your trademarks and copy rights and other intellectual property rights. Furthermore, the seller will not be allowed to use or mention the market place name i.e. “” in any third party website for their products or its ownership with the market place. We are providing our services to showcase, market and sell the seller’s product only, which does not include any responsibility for its damage, quality or condition.

⬛  Warranty Claims:

The seller takes the responsibility for:

□ Taking all the responsibility to comply with the policies of

□ Full filing the commitment to replace or change the product if warranted.

□ Keeping in view the regulations of Ministry of UAE for the same product and providing all the necessary documents in the same regard without any failure in advance or when required.

□ In case of failure, the seller take complete responsibility to refund or pay the loss charged against the same.

⬛  Products Eligibility, Information & Descriptions:

□ will obtain all the requirements to sell the product on its market place by inquiring and receiving necessary licenses, permissions, authorizations, property rights and permits on your behalf which mentions that the products provided can be marketed and sold by us. It further includes:

□ Products should be in New Condition.

□ Products should be in Good Quality and Checked as per the standards.

□ Products provided to us by the seller will always be counted on the account of contracted B2B purpose only, will not be responsible any liability arising from the purchase from any third party or vendor.

□ The seller should own or have the authority to grant the license to us without any limitation that allows us to make changes in information, price or display due to any technical error or sale performances.

□ The dimensions of the product should be correct and taken physically through measuring gadgets to make sure the information provided is correct.

□ The product should be described according to its physical appearance, in case of difference in any information provided, the product will be rejected from the listing with notification through email.

□ We disclaim all warranties provided by you, and will not be responsible in case of any return or refund request, believes in providing complete protection and services to our customers. In this regard, the seller will be notified to carry on the warranty claim and proceed according to the procedure.

□ In addition, you are requested to recheck your product information, product pictures, its dimensions, quality and all details provided to prevent rejection after the listing is submitted.

□ inspects all the products received for any intellectual property violation, claim, quality and authenticity of product which should be 100% genuine.

In case of failure or claim from the third party, the seller will be liable to pay a fine charged by the market place as compensation to us.

1. Payment will not proceed unless the issue is resolved.

2. Financial penalty can also be imposed due to claim of any copyright.

3. Penalty imposed by the governmental authority or department in the same regard will be paid by the seller. In case of failure in payment of penalty imposed, the seller’s account may face a conditional ban temporarily for loss in reputation occurred by the seller.

We also reserve the right to take appropriate legal action against you and report counterfeit products to law enforcement authorities.

⬛  Regulations & Liabilities: does not take any responsibility for the loss due to any fraud including fraudulent representation, injury caused by the product, negligence by the seller or third party.
Also, none of our staff members including our Management to every staff will be responsible for any fraudulent misleading product, injury or copyright claim by third party.
The sellers are advised in this regard to obtain all the documents and make sure that the products listed are legal and allowed to be sold on market without any objection by the manufacturers.

⬛  Suspension and Termination of Account:

Without any liability to you, we may limit, suspend or withdraw your access to our services and remove your listings submitted by you, if we observed:

1. You have breached the terms and conditions.

2. We reject any product due to any discrimination.

3. If we observed non-cooperation from the seller on any case which is registered in house or by the ministry due to any violation.

⬛  Privacy and Confidential Rights:

The seller will be responsible to maintain confidentiality of our information we may provide of any direct customer or vendor due to any reason. Any third party services provided by us will be dealt strictly and directly by the market place itself without involvement of sellers. solemnly owns all the administrative management as well as Business to Customer (B2C) services itself with complete regulations. All information related to or directly or indirectly linked with customers and vendors in which a public concern is focused. strongly beliefs in privacy of all our linked members i.e. Customers, Vendors and Suppliers etc.

SUMMARIZED REGISTRATION PROCEDURE has just taken a fresh start to gather suppliers and vendors from all UAE to utilize the first ever User Friendly Market Place that allows everyone to register their own store quickly and in the easiest legal way.
We are also concerned to make sure all the Laws & Regulations are being followed and the sellers abide by all the legal formalities before entering our Market Place.
Let’s take a look into a step by step Registering Procedure:

□ Get into the registration form by clicking into the link: (

□ Once the form is filled, make sure that the required documents are uploaded in allowed format by the website.

□ Documents required are:

-    Valid registered Trade License by the Ministry of UAE.
-    Scanned Copy of Emirates ID of the License Holder.
-    Scanned Copy of Any Utility Bill under the same Name.
-    Complete Address proof under the name of the license owner.

□ After 48 Working Hours of Verification, the seller will be notified through Email for the approval or disapproval of documents.

□ Once the store is approved, the seller will be provided with the seller module with complete tutorial for how to start publishing with the module.

□ Products guidelines will also be emailed for DOs and DONTs while publishing products.

□ VAT registered sellers, suppliers or vendors will be required to send a registered VAT certificate to start business with us.

Furthermore, we are here to enhance the experience of every user, seller, supplier & vendor. will always focus on a best Customer experience in its market place and will never allow any violation of any intellectual property right or brand discrimination.

Wishing you a best working experience with Marketplace.